Scientific Symposium of the
Institut Pasteur International Network

Paris, September 10-13, 2014

Institut Pasteur International Network: Paving the way for research on Global Health and One Health


From September 10th to September 13th Institut Pasteur Paris will host the Scientific Symposium of the Institut Pasteur International Network - a three-day scientific conference - followed by the different meetings with the Directors from the Network.

On September 10th, selected young researchers (PhD, Postdocs) and experienced researchers will showcase their most relevant research through oral presentations and commented posters on open thematics.

On September 11th and the morning of September 12th, five theme-oriented sessions of presentations and discussions - Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Arboviruses, Emerging infections and pathogen identification, Infections and cancers - are scheduled along with a presentation of the newly created Centre for Global Health Research and Education and a roundtable on Bioinformatics. These five thematic areas chosen for their global health relevance will be covered by lectures by keynote speakers and presentations by researchers of the Institut Pasteur International Network. They will be followed by the Award Ceremonies held on the evening of the 11th. In the afternoon of September 12th, researchers will exchange around scientists evaluation, sharing of biological resources, and technological transfer. The different meetings with RIIP Directors will be held on the 13th.

Please note that all participants from the Institut Pasteur International Network must register online.

This symposium will be open to the public from Sept. 10 to Sept.12 (until 12h30).  
This symposium  is supported by the Fondation TOTAL


 Organizing committee    Scientific evaluation committee    Organization
Antoine GESSAIN (IP Paris), Chairman   Alejandro BUSCHIAZZO (IP Montevideo)   Eliane COËFFIER (IP Paris)
Roberto BRUZZONE (HKU-PRP)   Ana-Bella FAILLOUX (IP Paris)   Ludovic DRYE (IP Paris)
Sara EYANGOH (CP Cameroun)   Arnaud FONTANET (IP Paris)   Marie-Annick MATAGRIN  (IP Paris)
Arnaud FONTANET (IP Paris), Chairman   Antoine GESSAIN (IP Paris)    
Séverine MATHEUS (IP Guyane)   Ke LAN (IP Shanghai)    
Odile PUIJALON (IP Paris)   Luis QUINTANA-MURCI (IP Paris)    
Amadou SALL (IP Dakar)   Carla SALEH (IP Paris)    
    Ines VIGAN-WOMAS (IP Madagascar)    
    Marco VIGNUZZI (IP Paris)    


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