Scientific Symposium of the
Institut Pasteur International Network

Paris, September 10-13, 2014

Institut Pasteur International Network: Paving the way for research on Global Health and One Health


From the 10th to the 13th of September, the Scientific Symposium of the Institut Pasteur International Network paves the way for Research on Global Health and One Health.

This symposium is an unique opportunity to strengthen the synergy and multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the institutes of its International Network and external partners. The objective is also to propose a stimulating overview for the Institutes of the international Network through meaningful exchanges on a variety of transverse and topics (host-pathogen interactions, microbiomics and genomics…).

This symposium takes place in a particular context where public health international landscape has been questioned by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. This crisis has shown the importance and strategic role of an international mobilization in the fight against infectious diseases. It also reminds us of a crucial point: only a global and comprehensive approach, covering the different sphere of the disease can help solving such crisis: from the selvatic reservoir to the anthropological aspects of the disease, from the bed side to the laboratory. Important challenges still need to be addressed by the international community of scientists: development of new diagnosis, new therapeutical approach and innovation in vaccines…Regarding this situation, the first edition of this symposium will focus in particular on the commitment of the Institut Pasteur and the International Network in response to this crisis.

Young scientists from the Network are specially invited in this symposium to present the results of their research.

The recently created centers will also be presented with a special outlook on the new opportunities of collaboration thus offered for the international network. Indeed, since I arrived one of my main priorities has been to strengthen this unique network by mobilizing news resources and supporting mobility by setting-up innovative projects and consortia. The International development of the Institut Pasteur is an ongoing process that has to be pursued and achieved with the individual commitment of all of you, in Paris and abroad.

So, I wish and expect these exchanges will contribute to root for mobility of scientists between Paris and the Network, incubation of new breakthrough ideas, emergence of ambitious joint programs, and creation of international units or young groups of scientists in the Network.

On this occasion, I am very pleased to welcome french institutions (Ministry of foreign Affairs and international development; Ministry of health, Ministry of education and research, AFD, Fondation Mérieux…) and international organizations (WHO, GAVI, Wellcome trust, US DHHS…) that support or will be partner in the very next future with the Institut Pasteur international Network.

Beyond the bonds of scientific cooperation that unites us all together, this symposium will contribute to fuel our eagerness to commit ourselves in cooperative and high-level public health and research initiatives. In the fight against infectious diseases, we must combine our talents and set up top priorities to offer pioneering preventive and therapeutic solutions.

I am happy to warmly welcome scientists from the 32 institutes of the Network and all of you at the Scientific Symposium of the Institut Pasteur International Network and wish you a very successful meeting and exciting exchanges.

I look forward to seeing you at the symposium!


Christian Bréchot
President of the Institut Pasteur


This symposium  is supported by the Fondation TOTAL


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Antoine GESSAIN (IP Paris), Chairman   Alejandro BUSCHIAZZO (IP Montevideo)   Eliane COËFFIER (IP Paris)
Roberto BRUZZONE (HKU-PRP)   Ana-Bella FAILLOUX (IP Paris)   Ludovic DRYE (IP Paris)
Sara EYANGOH (CP Cameroun)   Arnaud FONTANET (IP Paris)   Marie-Annick MATAGRIN  (IP Paris)
Arnaud FONTANET (IP Paris), Chairman   Antoine GESSAIN (IP Paris)   Evelyne MALANCHERE (IP Paris)
Séverine MATHEUS (IP Guyane)   Ke LAN (IP Shanghai)    
Odile PUIJALON (IP Paris)   Luis QUINTANA-MURCI (IP Paris)    
Amadou SALL (IP Dakar)   Carla SALEH (IP Paris)    
    Ines VIGAN-WOMAS (IP Madagascar)    
    Marco VIGNUZZI (IP Paris)    



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